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10 Online Business Trends You Can Start on Immediately

The beauty of building a business online is that you don’t have to wait months to launch your business and can usually be started with little or no capital.

With the wealth of business opportunities that are swiftly growing online, you can with the right direction, capitalize on some of these trends and create an online business that will create significant revenue for years to come

Here is a list of ten online business trends that, using your skills, you can build and promote your own income generating website, or be a consultant for the websites of other businesses.

One of the primary lessons that Wealthy Affiliate teaches is search engine optimization (SEO). The learning of this skill will help you to know the ins and outs of search engines and help you to increase your rankings with those search engines.

This skill is not only beneficial for promoting your own website but, you can also use this skill to help local business owners to promote their existing company using the internet.

Many local businesses are using their current website as a business card that they hand out to customers who have already contacted them through other means.

This creates a huge market for someone trained in SEO to transform the websites of these businesses into a traffic generating lead source, and thus increasing their online revenue.

As  online marketing grows there will be a greater demand for those who are skilled in the areas of search engine optimization, lead generation, and conversion rate optimization.

As more people are using their smartphones as their primary access to the internet, the need for mobile applications is rising as well.

With all the programs that can help you to create iPhone Apps or Android Apps. There is no reason that if you have  great app ideas, that you can’t create and bring those apps to market.

Although there is somewhat of a negative connotation with this phrase. (Mostly due to scams promising you to get rich quick.) The reality is that affiliate marketing generates a lot of leads for companies and they are willing to pay you for those leads.

If you have ever left a customer review on a website you visited or purchased from, then you are already affiliate marketing. You just didn’t get paid for it.

You can think of being an affiliate marketer as a lead generating, product promoting, salesman. Who uses a website to bring in customers for your affiliate and gets paid a commission for that marketing service.

Just as it’s name implies Wealthy Affiliate will teach you the skills to become an outstanding affiliate marketer.

For small businesses that rely on word of mouth advertising, social media is like word of mouth on steroids.

The problem is that most small businesses are so busy with other aspects of running their business that they don’t have the time or understanding to spend developing an effective social media campaign.

As a social media consultant, you can help them to not only navigate the ever-increasing array of social media sites. But also develop marketing strategies to promote their business in such a way as to create a buzz that will create a larger circle of interest in their business.

A major attraction of social media marketing is the low cost required to set it up and maintain it. Once you have helped a business set up their marketing campaign they can have the option to either maintain the campaign in-house or outsource it to you.

The great thing about outsourcing these campaigns is that you can set up several of them and then manage them online from the comfort of your home.

The great thing about the internet is that there are so many billions of people using it that there is a ready and waiting market that shares an interest in those products you are so passionate about.

As discretionary income continues to rise, people are looking for more unique and specialized items. So your handmade jewelry or crocheted blankets can be turned into a profitable business.

Or you may want to cash in on the huge trend towards high-tech items. Attracting customers through blogs that educate readers of the upcoming technologies, and showcasing newly released items and doing price and feature comparisons to help them with their buying decisions.

By understanding how to use keyword research and search engines, Wealthy Affiliate can teach you how to zero in on those internet users who are searching for your specific items.

Targeting a small segment of the market turns out to be highly profitable, as the competition is much lower and your conversion rates are much higher. And the variety of products that you can market is only limited by your imagination.

With the rise of businesses going online, there is an increasing demand to show these entrepreneurs how to start, manage, and market their online ventures.

Unfortunately, the internet is full of scammers professing to be business gurus promising they will teach you how to create massive amounts of wealth online with a minimum amount of effort.

Using the knowledge that you acquire at Wealthy Affiliate University, you will be in a position to guide these blossoming new entrepreneurs through the mine fields of internet scam artists, and help them to gain the skills necessary to build a successful online business.

Let’s face it, even though a picture may be worth a thousand words, there has to be word’s to set up the context and relevance of the picture.

The demand for quality content is growing at an exponential rate, thus creating a lucrative market for freelance writers. Especially writers that are well trained in content creation that is keyword relevant.

If it has been your dream to be a writer, the popularity of e-books has brought you one step closer to that realization. Everything from growing bonsai to how to make beer can be the subject of an e-book.

Think of how much it is worth to someone, to have a resume and cover letter that sets them apart from the rest of the pack when applying for that dream job. Putting someone in the right light can be some nice freelance work.

Creating a following through a blog that is informative, entertaining and entices the reader to engage can create a great avenue through which products can be marketed through.

Have you ever visited a website that had weird colors, or the text was hard to read, or it took forever to load? Even if you really wanted what they were offering I’m willing to bet that you didn’t stay on that website for long.

The same is true when you go shopping at a brick and mortar store. If it doesn’t look clean, is cluttered, there’s no one to help you find anything, and the service is slow. Then you have a terrible shopping experience, and you have no desire to return.

In websites, as well as brick and mortar stores you want the customer to have a great shopping experience. That keeps them shopping longer and makes them want to return. The basic rule is clean, bright and organized, with plenty of timely help.

Because Wealthy Affiliate uses WordPress to design their websites, and they have thousands of templates to choose from, it makes it easy to design a very professional looking website.

The combination of the site health tools that Wealthy Affiliate has and the web construction tools that WordPress offers makes it virtually impossible to create a bad website.

Once you have gone through the process of building your own website or two, you can then use your skills to build a website as a showcase that you can market to small businesses as a website designer.

This can go hand in hand with SEO consultation, as probably a lot of local businesses will have poorly designed websites.

9. Video Ads

We all love to watch video. How many of us have seen the funny antics of a pet that your friends had to share and went viral in a matter of hours or days?

Although video ads are not anything new,(they’ve been around since the start of television) companies like YouTube are dedicated to hosting billions of videos. And Facebook offers video options for advertisers.

And with search engine giants like Google, Yahoo, and Bing testing video ads in their search results, the path to using video ads is widening.

The power of video ads is their ability to capture your attention and quickly deliver your message before the user’s attention span wanes. This can be a very effective marketing tool that you can utilize on your website to help convert customers.

10.Self-Directed Learning

“Unschooling” or “education hacking” are some of the new buzzwords being bandied around in a new trend in education. Forsaking dull boring classrooms for new and adventurous ways of learning, that include travel, internships, and career-specific courses.

Educational blogs, online training, and educational products should be a lucrative market for the future. With the advent of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and subscription-based services like Lynda and Wealthy Affiliate University, e-learning is exploding onto the internet.

It doesn’t take much imagination to see that the potential for online learning is creating a huge variety of untapped niches to be marketed.


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  1. Grace

    What great ideas you have Richard on this online business topic! There seems to be some that I can really start on today. I just checked out Wealthy Affiliate as you said and wow, the training on there is amazing!! Thanks for showing me a whole new world!


    1. Richard Post author

      Thanks for your comments, Grace. I have found the training on Wealthy Affiliate to be everything they promise and more. It is certainly my best online find.
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