Competing in the Online World


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Train Your Way to the Top

Whether you are; an athlete or an artist, a musician or a medical doctor, a builder or a businessman, you need to train and practice in order to get better and compete with others in your field. Even if you are already excellent in your field, practice and training will help you keep that edge.

The same is true for competing online. There are skills to be acquired and methods that need to be learned in order to successfully market on the internet. This is where Wealthy Affiliates excels in training successful internet marketers. Not only do they have excellent step by step training, but there is also a very supportive community to help you with feedback and fine tuning your marketing skills.

Start with a Great Foundation

When you build a house it is of paramount importance that you create a good foundation. It needs to be solid, level, and able to support whatever is built on top of it.

The same can be said for building a solid, attractive website. UsingWordPress, you can create a website that looks clean and organized, is easy to navigate, loads quickly and has a system to manage your content. These are the foundational blocks of an internet business that will draw customers to you and enables you to create sales.

All that’s left for you to do is create and enter your content.

Researching Resources

“It is better to be a big fish in a little pond, rather than a little fish in a big pond.” This phrase is particularly true when applied to the internet. Building your business around a niche that you are passionate about, and can excel in, creates that “big fish in a little pond”.

To help you zero in on that niche, Wealthy Affiliate has a couple of keyword tools that tell you how many people are searching for your niche, and how many websites there are helping those people. Think about how important that information could be to you as an internet marketer.

If you want to play around with these tools for free check out Jaaxy or Wealthy Affiliate’s keyword tool.

Knowing Your Customer

The number one reason customer’s buy from you is not price or convenience. It is because they trust you. This is where the heavy work of building an online business comes in.

There are several ways that you can establish this trust.

Offer them something of value that they can have for free.

  1.  An e-book talking about benefits of juicing and recipes, if you have a health site.
  2.  A brochure listing several popular destinations, if you have a travel site.

Partner with someone whom they already know and trust.

  1. Companies that have brand recognition, that offer affiliate programs

Identify with them on common interest.

  1.  Post a blog that discusses shared interests.
  2. Join social media groups that are relevant to your product.

Want to know some more insights into how your customer thinks? Wealthy Affiliate has blogs and tutorials on knowing your customer. Here is a tutorial on the Customer Purchase Lifecycle that can help you to understand customer buying patterns.

 Maintaining Customer Relations

Imagine you had a bucket that you were trying to fill with water, and the bucket was full of holes. As long as you kept a fast enough stream of water coming into the bucket you could keep the bucket full. But once the stream started slowing down the bucket would soon empty.

We can look at customers in the same way. It is easier to keep a customer than it is to create a new one. But how exactly do I keep my customer satisfied? That is a great question and the beauty of Wealthy Affiliate is that with their little search tool I can come up with a dozen blogs and tutorials to answer my question. And if that doesn’t help me I can ask the community directly and 24/7 I will have people answering my question.


If you have any questions or comments I would love to hear from you.


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