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A Little About Richard

1458178858843Hello, everyone my name is Richard. And welcome to my website. This is a picture of me hanging out with my truck Dreki. My wife accuses me of loving my truck more than her, but it’s not true. I just spend more time with my truck.

I’m a 60-year-old carpenter who lives in the heart of silicon valley. I have a passion for fine woodworking. I enjoy doing everything from cabinetry and furniture to staircases and inlaid flooring.  There is something about taking a few pieces of wood and transforming them into a beautiful floor or piece of furniture that I never tire of.

Although I make a comfortable living with my career, I want to have a business where I can work from home and earn enough money to have a comfortable retirement. Even though I enjoy working I don’t always have the free time to do some of the other things I enjoy.

As the father of five children and grandfather of ten ( soon to be 11) grandchildren, I look forward to being able to spend a lot more quality time with them. They are spread out from  California to Arizona and Utah. The dream is to be able to take off at any time and go spend a week or two hanging out with them.

I also have a great love for the outdoors and plan on hiking the PCT from Mexico to Canada. This is a five month thru hike and my biggest obstacle to realizing this goal is being able to afford the time off to make the hike.

Why I decided to become an Internet Marketer

I knew three things when I decided I wanted to start a business.

  1. I didn’t have much money.
  2. I needed to do it in my  spare time
  3. I had to get some training and acquire new skills

Given those parameters, I thought maybe I could get into an MLM. Although I hate the idea of recruiting people I figured that I could find an MLM that had a product I liked and then just focus on selling the product and not worry about trying to build a downline.

While I was researching MLM companies on the internet I came across several websites promoting affiliate marketing. This seemed like the perfect business model for me. It was something I could do in my spare time, and it was low start up cost. But as I dug deeper it seemed too competitive and what I needed to learn seemed too overwhelming.

 The Discovery of Wealthy Affiliate

During this discovery process, I came across a website that referred me to Wealthy Affiliate.This appeared to be exactly what I was looking for.

I signed on with them and on the first day, they had helped me to build this website. I continue to work on it and study how to improve my online marketing skills.

I have found the business I wanted to have, and soon I’ll be living the dream of having the time and money to spend with my family.

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